Loyalty for WooCommerce
• Increase your e-shop sales.
• How? Encourage customers to spend often & more with points & rewards.
• Only ask for customer’s mobile number: Reward and redeem effortless with mobile number verification.
• Omnichannel: a customer-centric approach in which all channels are integrated so the customer has a unified and consistent experience whether they are at a physical store, using an app, or on a website.
• No technical skills Required: Loycott does everything for you both back and front end. (checkout page)
• Υou have more needs: Developer-friendly, pay-as-you-grow, license manager, API.
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Why Loyalty Matters

In the business arena, loyalty is your secret weapon. Standing out in the crowd means turning one-time shoppers into loyal fans. A loyalty program isn't just about sales; it's about building relationships and turning customers into advocates who keep coming back.

Staying Strong

Having loyal customers protects your business when things get tough. It’s like having a shield that helps you handle problems better.


Special Advantage

Being loyal gives your business a special edge. It helps you stand out when many others are competing for attention.


Big Change for Customers

Loyal fans aren’t just regular shoppers. They become big fans who really like your stuff and want to keep using it


Buying Again and Again

When people stay loyal, they keep coming back to buy more. This helps your business make money regularly and grow steadily.


More than Just Sales

Loyalty programs do more than make sales. They help create strong connections and good feelings between you and your customers.


Making Friends

Rewards programs make you friends with your customers. Your customers like you more when you give them cool things and make them feel special.


Super Supporters

Loyal customers become super fans who tell everyone how great your stuff is. This helps more people find out about your brand.


Supercharge Your Online Orders

Loycott is the key to boosting your online orders and making customers excited to buy from you again. The perks go both ways: your customers get rewards they love, and you get more sales. It's a win-win situation.

Exceptional Plugin: Loycott plugin holds the power to significantly enhance your online orders and infuse a renewed sense of enthusiasm among customers to make repeat purchases.

Big Change for Customers: Loyal fans aren’t just regular shoppers. They become big fans who really like your stuff and want to keep using it.

Mutually Beneficial: Loycott isn’t just about boosting your sales; it’s a two-way street of benefits. As your customers relish rewards they adore, you witness a noticeable surge in sales—a perfectly balanced, win-win scenario.

Rekindling Loyalty: Loycott is your avenue to rekindling customer loyalty in a dynamic way. By offering appealing rewards, you inspire customers to come back for more, nurturing a lasting connection with your brand.

Tailored Rewards: One size doesn’t fit all, and Loycott understands that. It empowers you to tailor rewards to match your customers’ preferences, making each engagement feel personal and special.

Building Rapport: This plugin facilitates the cultivation of rapport with your customers. By expressing appreciation through rewards, you build a bridge of trust and positive sentiment that encourages ongoing engagement.

Measurable Results: Loycott brings tangible outcomes to the table. You can measure its impact by tracking increased orders and heightened customer interactions, offering concrete proof of its effectiveness.

Elevating Value: Beyond transactions, Loycott elevates the overall value proposition of your business. It adds a layer of mutual benefit that extends beyond the immediate purchase, enriching the customer experience.

Remember, Loycott is more than just a plugin—it’s a mechanism for elevating customer engagement, driving sales growth, and establishing a lasting bond that’s truly rewarding for both sides.

Here's why Loycott stands out

It’s Free: See the Results Loycott is like a free ticket to boosting your business – no strings attached! You can give it a try without worrying about money. Just think of it as a risk-free experiment to make your business better. It’s like trying a new game without paying anything, and you get to see if it makes your business cooler.

 No Fuss: No Tech Skills Needed Don’t worry about being a tech genius – Loycott handles all the tricky stuff. You just need to use it, and it works like magic. It’s like having a smart robot friend that takes care of things behind the scenes. You can focus on what you’re good at, and Loycott takes care of the rest.

Automated Success: Your Checkout Page Upgrade Loycott is like a fairy godmother for your checkout page. It makes it better automatically, so you don’t have to stress. When you have Loycott, your checkout page becomes a superstar without any extra effort. It’s like giving your page a fancy makeover that brings in more customers.

Easy Control: Manage with WordPress Loycott comes with a special control room just for you, right in WordPress. It’s like having a remote control for your business. You can manage sales and rewards without any headaches. Everything is in one place, and you’re the boss, making things go smoothly.

Tailored Rewards: Make Deals That Fit Loycott is all about you! You can create special deals that match exactly what you want to do. It’s like making a custom pizza with your favorite toppings. Your customers will love the offers because they’re made just for them, and you’ll see more smiles and sales.

So, Loycott is your best bet because it's free, easy, automatic, controllable, and tailored to your plans. It's like having a friendly wizard by your side, making your business journey exciting and successful.

Get Started
in Just 5 Minutes

Step 1

Access your WordPress admin for your e-shop.

Step 2

Go to the left side and find "Plugins," then click "Add New."

Step 3

On the right, in the search bar, just type "Loycott."

Step 4

When you see the plugin, click "Install Now." After it's installed, hit "Activate." That's it! You're all set!

Step 1

Access your WordPress admin for your e-shop.

Step 2

Go to the left side and find "Plugins," then click "Add New."

Step 3

On the right, in the search bar, just type "Loycott."

Step 4

When you see the plugin, click "Install Now." After it's installed, hit "Activate." That's it! You're all set!

Ready to take your e-shop to new heights? Check it out yourself. Watch this video to see how to upgrade your e-shop in just 5 minutes and start making your customers happy!!!

Watch how Loycott Loyalty Plugin works!!!

How Loycott Loyalty works

2. Customer Transparency the key for Loyalty success: Earn 1 point per local currency

Customers earn points automatically under their phone number, as they spend on your e-shop. 1 local currency = 1 point, simple and effective! Total points per customer are automatically updated after every transaction or redemption.

1. Easy set up - Easy Join

Activate Loycott Loyalty for WooCommerce plugin and set your Redemption Conditions (reward rules) for WooCommerce store. Customers simply type in their phone number during checkout and join your loyalty program! Rewards can be anything you want. From percentage or amount discount, to free products.

3. Painless reward and redeem

Customers choose how to use their collected points (Point Balance) during checkout, based on the Redemption Conditions, you have set. Easy authentication via mobile application (Loycott app – Android and IOS), during redemption.

Unlock the Magic of Loyalty Redemption with Ease

Embarking on a loyalty redemption journey might seem like a maze at times, but fear not. Introducing Loycott – your compass to effortless and crystal-clear redemption. We’re not only here to simplify things, but we’re also ready to guide you on setting up the most captivating Redemption Conditions for your e-shop.

Here’s your roadmap to creating irresistible redemption conditions that your customers will love:

  • Strike the Balance: Goldilocks had it right – not too many, not too few. Aim for the sweet spot with 3-5 conditions. Too many can overwhelm, while too few might not feel rewarding enough. Our secret recipe? Just right!
  • The Power Duo: When it comes to rewards, two options reign supreme – amount discounts and percentage discounts. They’re like the crowd favorites that customers cheer for. Loycott makes it a breeze to set these up and keep your customers smiling.
  • Alluring but Smart: Your redemption conditions should dance within profit margins while dazzling with attractiveness. We’ve got your back in creating conditions that make both business sense and customer joy.
  • Transparent Connections: Trust is our foundation. Loycott speaks a universal language – 1 currency equals 1 point. It’s about being crystal-clear, fostering trust between you and your cherished customers.
  • The Instant Gratification Rule: Ready for the grand finale? Make your conditions achievable and exciting, especially the first one. Quick wins are the heart and soul of loyalty success. We believe customers shouldn’t wait ages or spend a fortune to start redeeming – it’s all about instant gratification.

At Loycott, we’re not just about redemption; we’re about creating a symphony of smiles, rewards, and satisfied customers. It’s time to transform your loyalty journey into an enchanting experience where every point brings a step closer to joyful redemption. Let’s make loyalty not just a program, but an adventure!”

Below you may find a simple and general example of Redemption Conditions:

Points to Redeem
Customer Reward Percentage = Reward Value/Money Spent
Redemption Type
Condition 1
Amount Discount
Condition 2
Amount Discount
Condition 3
Percentage Discount
Condition 4
Percentage Discount
Condition 5
3 free T-shirts – worth of 30€ each
Free product or service

Let’s see how the above conditions work!!

Let’s assume that you have an e-shop that the average product price (or average order amount) is 25€

Let’s also assume that the average number of purchases per customer is 1 per month.

That means that a customer will be able to go for a redemption in the 3rd purchase in the 3rd month.

Specifically, the 1st purchase will be 25€ + the 2nd purchase 25€ = 50€ which is 50 points balance.

So the 3rd time, customer can purchase and redeem 40 points to get 5 euro discount and pay 20€ instead of 25€ (which actually is 20% discount).

At this example we just want to show that Customer:

  1. is eligible to redeem very soon and not after 6 months or even worse more.
  2. Customer will easily calculate that got 20% discount and that is a major key value for a successful loyalty program.

Of course, you must have the necessary margin!!!

At last, most likely customer will not redeem at the first condition and will go for the next level which is more attractive.

Picture this: all around the globe, the most powerful loyalty programs are the ones where customers can’t wait to redeem their rewards – and they do it often. We get it, it might seem like a challenge, especially when balancing profit margins. But guess what? Every merchant has the magic ingredients to craft a captivating and attractive loyalty experience.

Here’s the secret sauce: don’t be shy to embrace these principles and sprinkle in generosity. Remember, your profits bloom from loyal customers! No matter what kind of business you run, it’s those loyal 20% of customers that drive a whopping 80% of your profits!

So, why wait? Dive into the realm of loyalty that sparks excitement, rewards, and a loyal tribe of customers who just can’t get enough. Because at the end of the day, the heart of your success beats to the rhythm of your customers’ happiness

Do you want More...

Loycott for physical Store

Do you operate a physical store alongside your online shop? Imagine having a loyalty system that seamlessly bridges both worlds, offering your customers an exceptional experience whether they shop online or visit your physical store. With Loycott, this becomes a reality.

Say goodbye to the divide between your e-shop and physical store – Loycott brings them together. Now, your customers can earn points and redeem rewards, no matter where they choose to make their purchases. If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for, Loycott is here to make it happen.

Get in touch with us today and share your needs or case. Within just a few hours, you can have a fully integrated loyalty system that transforms the way your customers shop across all your platforms. Your business becomes truly unified, and your customers enjoy a consistent, rewarding experience. Contact us now to make it a reality!

Types of Campaigns

  • Loyalty Customer Auto Reminder Redemption
  • Automated Welcome Messages
  • Special Events Promotion (ad hoc campaigns)
  • Sales Promo (ad hoc campaigns)
  • Celebrations, name days etc. (ad hoc campaigns)
Powerful Tool for SMS Campaigns

Let Loycott worry about contacting your customers to remind them that they have points to redeem and bring them back to your store to spend more.

Let Loycott help you easy and fast how to create ad hoc campaigns to instantly boost your orders.

Automated Customer SMS Campaigns

Setup and automate your own SMS Campaigns, using the following criteria:

  • Active Points Range (Active Balance)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Registration Date
  • Transaction Date Range
  • Transaction and/or Redemptions Volume
  • Campaign Design Options:
  • Choose between Ad Hoc (one-time) & Repeated Campaigns:
  • Precise date and time of sending
  • Cost SMS Management
  • Daily Messages Quota for your Business
  • Anti-spam Mechanism – Message Limit per Customer per Month to avoid Spam

Safeguarding Investment by securing the return of customer points

Features / Pricing


Ideal for brands that start now



Available on WordPress plugin directory. Free for ever!


Premium version. Pay as you grow and access licence management



Billed at $299/ year.
Includes 2 months free!

Contact us if you have a physical store to enable loyalty there as well. Full Web Admin Access and Management of your loyalty scheme.


For high-volume e-shops and also demanding needs in keeping customers aware!


Special discounted pricing!


For high-volume partners who may also want customizations and API access


Special discounted pricing!

For Developers

Easy, fast and based on your choice

There are two ways you can integrate your eshop with Loycott Loyalty.

The first one, in case your eshop is built using woo commerce, you can install Loycott Loyalty for WooCommerce  plugin in simple 5 steps and you are ready to boost your business by offering to your customers an easy and unique reward experience.

The second way, in case your eshop is not built using woo commerce, is to use our API. We will provide you full technical support and guideline assistance in order to be an easy and fast task for your technical team.

At last, for both above cases, Booms Loyalty can be offered not only for your eshop but also for your physical store transactions.

The plugin is suitable for all woo commerce e-shops.

API is suitable for all e-shops designed with platforms other than woo commerce

Integration with your physical store is available. Contact us for more information.

Unique Features

Above all, it is a tool to help you boost sales and make your business more profitable.

Is a functional tool to achieve customer retention, attract new customers, get ahead of the competition. Most of all, it is the tool to help you boost sales and make your business more profitable. What is more, it is a handy marketing tool to manage your stock effectively and realise business goals with minimum resources.

Can help you built better, more suitable and more efficient products and services. You can plan and make corrective actions to achieve business goals any time.

Help you build a strong and long lasting relationship with your customers by offering rewards every time they choose your e-shop for their needs. A happy customer will return. A happy customer is also your business advocate.

Booms Reward will help you retain and increase your client base by giving points as incentive to choose your e-shop every time. What is better than to make every customer a loyal customer?

Booms Reward will drive you to spend less on advertising and promotional campaigns by building a solid client base. By building a recurring business model, marketing becomes more easy and less expensive.

Booms Reward will set you ahead of your competition. That is true for all successful customer loyalty programmes that are planned and executed strategically. And you can have your own now.

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